Ebbe Vollmer

Swedish 2 Michelin star Chef at Vollmers Restaurant in Malmo (Sweden) featured in the Top 30 Restaurants of Nordic European Countries on White Guide 2017.

Born and raised in the coastal region of Malmö, an abundant agricultural centre often referred to as ‘The Pantry’ of south Sweden, Chef Ebbe Vollmer hails from one the area’s most prominent and respected restaurateur families.

Chef Ebbe‘s personal and culinary philosophy is based on Essentialism. With a ‘less is more’ spirit he finds creative freedom in culinary compositions that reap clear flavors and flawless textures.

Subscribing to classic, painstaking cooking, Ebbe passionately cooks modern European cuisine but vastly differs from the more experimental methods of some modern chefs.The Swede prefers the classics, serving up elegant, refined European dishes unburdened by the latest culinary trends.