Felice Lo Basso

Michelin Chef Felice Lo Basso comes from the Mediterranean, region of Apulia in Italy. He loves to try out new things and to refine his art in order to amaze his guests with new creations.

Felice Lo Basso is known as a young talent who quickly achieved status as one of the best chefs in the hotel industry in the Alps. He offers cooking courses and also participates in TV programmes. In 2010, his first cook book "La Grande Cucina dell'Alpenroyal" (The Great Cuisine of Alpenroyal) was published. He received a Michelin star in 2011.

From the Mediterranean Region of Apulia, with an easy-going character influenced by his southern roots, the creative Felice Lo Basso loves nothing more than trying out new approaches with his creations to continuously impress and even amaze his guests.

He is particularly known for his use of the highest quality fresh products and his respect and ethical approach to raw materials.