Stefano Cerveni

Michelin 1 Star Chef from Franciacorta restaurant "Due Colombe".

It is not just the glow of the Michelin star, gained with great satisfaction in 2009, and still maintained. Everything in Chef Stefano Cerveni’s culinary project is synonymous of excellence and self-confidence in cooking. From the most traditional dishes to the more audacious ones, Cerveni’s cuisine is healthy, cultured and refined, always bringing out always recognizable raw ingredients. Each creation is a well-balanced and extremely sober example of high cuisine always keeping an eye on visual presentation and elegance. The strong link with the territory emerges from Cerveni’s cooking approach: that’s why he became an authoritative interpreter of culinary history of Franciacorta, one of the most important gastronomic areas of Italy.

This successful combination of tradition and modernity blends nicely with the surrounding environment catching flavors, suggestions and vineyards smell. A measurably creative cooking style characterized by complete and round flavors and a skilful use of technique and passion. Chef’s most famous dishes are able to bring out the more intimate side of the ingredients and the creativity of those who know how to use them at best.

Events: The Landis Taipei 2014